Give Your Life Away to God (October 1, 2017)


Give Your Life Away for Others (October 8, 2017)


Give Your Life Away with Jesus (October 22, 2017)




My Brother's Keeper

My Brother’s Keeper: If Your Brother Sins (September 10, 2017)


My Brother’s Keeper: How Many Times Shall I Forgive My Brother (September 17, 2017)


My Brother’s Keeper: The Last Shall Be First (September 24, 2017)


Five Ways to Deform Your Soul.001

Number One: Get Angry at Interruptions


Number Two: Measure Yourself to Others


Number Three: Don’t Share with Others


Number Five: Don’t Watch What You Watch



The Storm


The Fish


The City


The Plant


come holy spirit title

Come Ahead of Us, Holy Spirit


Come Alongside of Us, Holy Spirit


Come Over Us, Holy Spirit


Come Within Us, Holy Spirit



Called: From Death to Life


Called: From Dutiful Discipline to Abiding Desire


Called: From Ladder-Climbing to Cross-Descending


Called: From Adventure to Quest


Called: From Fear to Fire