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December 2019 Sermon Series:

December 1, 2019 is the first Sunday of the Advent Season in the church year. The word Advent means “coming” or “arrival.” Jesus is coming – His arrival is just around the corner – and that is what we focus on during the Advent season. The Advent season is four Sundays long, which is why we have the four Advent candles – each candle is lit as we progress through the Advent season, until we reach Christmas Eve, when we celebrate Christ’s first arrival as a baby in Bethlehem by the lighting of the middle candle. But for the month of December, we will be looking at the gifts that Advent provided us through what I called “GIFTS OF ADVENT”.

December 1, 2019 – The Gift of Peace

December 15, 2019 – The Gift of Joy

December 22, 2019 – The Gift of Trust

December 24, 2019 Christmas Eve – The Gift of Love

December 29, 2019 – The Gift of Security

Christmas Cantata 2019