Mountain Moving Faith

Mark 11:22-26

Have you ever wondered what Jesus meant when he spoke these Words? Could it be that we as Christians could “move mountains”? According to the Bible, believers can be confident that their prayers will be answered. Our prayers are more than wishes, hopes or feeble aspirations-but only if we pray with believing, faith filled hearts. That is the kind of prayer that moves mountains.

Here are few requirements Jesus revealed regarding “Mountain Moving Faith”:

I. The Exercise of Faith——–V. 22

This statement was given to the disciples, but it applies to everyone who follows the Lord. We are to exercise faith in God. He is the source of our life, our hope, and our strength. In fact, He is the source of all we possess. Everything we have and enjoy in life comes from the good hand of God. 

We must learn to rely on God to continually provide our every need. We know that we are unable to provide for every situation we face. We even know that God can do whatever He pleases, and yet we doubt Him at times. 

Dr. Adrian Rogers said, “Faith is not knowing God can; faith is believing God will.” We must exercise faith in God if we are going to move mountains we can visualize and lodged inside of us.

II. The Confidence of Faith——–V. 23 

Jesus declared that if the disciples had enough faith, believing in their hearts without any doubt, they could say unto the mountain, “be removed and cast into the sea,” and their request would be granted. I can only imagine their amazement at this moment. Such a statement exceeded the wonder of a withering fig tree.

We must understand that genuine faith is required – faith that believes and does not doubt. That faith must be centered in the Lord. Have faith in God. Faith does not rest in the power of faith itself, but in the power of God. 

One would think such a task would require monumental faith, but a small measure of genuine faith can move mountains. Matthew 17:20 – And Jesus said unto them…for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

While I am convinced God has the power to literally move mountains, and our genuine faith in Him, can also move mountains, Jesus used this to illustrate the power available to us to overcome obstacles in our lives and enjoy victory over defeat.

III. The Expectation in Faith——–Vs. 25-26

Finally, Jesus revealed what is expected of the believer as they seek the Lord by faith regarding specific needs. He is speaking of praying prayers of faith to receive that which we desire from the Lord.

As we seek the Lord by faith, we must also be willing to examine our hearts to ensure that we are right with God and our fellow man. If there are issues or animosity toward a brother or sister, we must be willing to forgive that before we pray.

When we refuse to deal with the sin in our lives, which includes refusing to forgive the trespass of another, we cannot expect the Lord to deal favorably with us when we pray. The attitude of our hearts, and our willingness to address personal sin, have a direct bearing on our prayers. God will not hear our prayers, nor answer them, if we fail to forgive others as we should.

Jesus does teach that faith can move the impossible. Faith can bring victory to our lives! We must be willing to seek Him for the needs we have, confessing our sin, forgiving others, and believing by faith! Friends, that is how we can have “Mountain Moving Faith”.

Pastor John N. Punni, II