Cornerstone Connection

 So in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.   Romans 12:5

Hello my brothers and sisters in the Lord. It is my hope that you all are doing well. I have been constantly praying for you and your families. I am longing for that day when we all can come together in fellowship to celebrate the goodness of our Lord. Until then, I want to encourage all of us to remain connected to each other with the purpose of serving each other. 

In Romans 12:5, Paul is reminding the church that we, as the collective group of Christians, are one body. We are Christ’s body on earth, often referred to as “the church.” None of us exists outside of the body. That is to say, no member of Cornerstone UMC is an unattached Christian. We are all members of each other, connected to each other with the purpose of serving each other. This is what God intends to do with us on this side of eternity. 

So as you Pastor, here are few ways I am suggesting that we remain connected to each other for the purpose of serving each other:


Our live-streams worship is helping us to remain connected. It brings me great joy when I see and read the communication going on between each member on Facebook. If you had not been a part of that, I will encourage to please join in on Cornerstone UMC Facebook. You can also listen to the recorded worship on our website or Facebook. 

Cornerstone Facebook
Sermon Recordings


Hope is a welcome theme when we are faced with some of the things that life can throw at us. We must bring the Word of God with all its hope in the midst of this uncertain times with this COVID-19. When we bring hope, we bring life. Because of this, we will continue posting a daily (week day) devotional called “Daily Bread of Hope” each day on our website and Facebook and a notification is sent out in our mailing list.

Daily Devotional


We can remain connected through prayer. Prayer is very essential in our walk of faith. Cornerstone Prayer Line is opened. If you need prayer for yourself, love ones, or during this difficult time, please call the following:

Pastor John Punni—-405-623-4546
Kelly Mckinley—-405-626-0316
Faye Perry—-405-830-7134
Dean Gaston—-405-835-4514
(Also call the church on 405-946-2633)


Thanks to you all for your sacrificial giving of your tithes and offerings in this difficult time. As you pastor, I want you to know that they are well appreciated. It also tells me that you still love supporting the ministries and mission of Cornerstone UMC and that of the United Methodist Church globally, a wonderful way to express our connectedness. Please continue in your giving through Online and Mail. 

Online Giving


I am encouraging each of us to reach out to each other through phone call sometimes. Let us check on each other because not only are we family, but that we care for each other. Hopefully this will also give us the opportunity to get to hear from people you may not have the time to converse with. I also believed it will help to strength our relationship with each other.  


This will be our time to connect through prayer and meditation on scripture. I am recommending that we “meet” on Wednesday at 6:30pm by using a phone number to call in together.

The Heartland District has created a conference call number for us that we can us for meetings and fellowship for now.

We will start on the first Wednesday on May 6, 2020 @ 6:30pm.

Here is that information:

Dial-In-Number: (701) 802-5132 Access Code: 6077694

I am looking into Zoom (video conferencing) and will let you all know through the Cornerstone Update email if and when we can us that too for our meetings and mid-week fellowship. 

Let me close by encouraging us to remain connected with each other. Because we are in union with Christ our head, we should continue in love with one another, walking in holy fellowship together, and sympathizing with, and serving each other. Let’s remain connected!!!

Pastor John Punni