“Journey with Jesus: Holy Week”

Mark 11:1-10

As we prepare to take this journey with Jesus through the Holy Week, I just want to highlight what this journey will look like for all of us.


Palm Sunday starts off a week of remembrance for Christians, often referred to as Holy Week. The week ends with the celebration of Easter, and throughout this week we mark the different events that led to Jesus’ Resurrection and Easter. This means that Palm Sunday is a kind of paradoxical celebration. At worship services, there is likely a festive atmosphere. I have been part of many services where children wave palm branches and parade around the worship space shouting “Hosanna!” The paradox is that we celebrate knowing full well what came next in the story, after Jesus’ triumphal entry: He was rejected, betrayed and crucified.


When we read Mark 11:1-10 we realize the scenery is close to Passover. He will soon celebrate what we know as the Last supper. It is during that time Jesus changes bread and wine to His body and blood.  Maundy Thursday commemorates Jesus Christ’s institution of the Eucharist during the Last Supper, which is described in the Christian Bible (Matthew 26:26-28)


This will be the time we reflect and ask for forgiveness. Forgiveness is a great and powerful thing. It’s a virtue of its own in my opinion. We must forgive in order for us to move on and grow. We must set aside hostilities and anger. We must put away the jealousy and hatred. (Mark 11:25-26). Jesus tells the criminal hanging on the cross near Him and says, Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise (Luke 23:43). Good Friday is a day that proclaims God’s purpose of loving and redeeming the world through the cross of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


After Good Friday, we will then prepare for our Lord’s resurrection! My favorite time of the year! A time when we can reflect and say thanks Lord for forgiving our sins! What a joyous season because it’s the season to some as being born again. Easter Season is very important in the Christian calendar because it celebrates on the one hand the risen Christ with His appearances and teachings and on the other hand the beginnings of the Christian church. 

As we prepare our hearts to Journey with Jesus through this Holy Week, may each of us have a wonderful Holy Week.

Pastor John